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  1. Download my voice pack file from your email and unzip it (most computer you right click and press extract all)

  2. Download the Luxe USB 3.0 Interface program (type in Google Luxe paintball USB Interface, click the first link that says programming to go to the luxe website and click luxe USB interface then click the download link.

  3. Unzip & install the Luxe USB 3.0 Interface program

  4. Open the grips on your luxe, connect your charger cable to it, and other end put into the usb slot on your computer. KEEP YOUR LUXE OFF THROUGH THIS ENTIRE PROCESS

  5. Open the luxe usb interface program. Leave the first box empty, go to the second box and click “browse” and find my voice pack file. If it’s the right file it should say .xml after the voice pack name in the box.

  6. Check voice bank 2, and check only the voice button. Now click download and let the program finish loading the pack onto your luxe.

  7. When it says programming completed, disconnect the cable from your luxe. Hold the trigger and turn on your luxe. Go to menu option “voice” and change it to 2. That’s it you’re done.  

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